About Us

Who we are

ImpactTek was founded on the idea that everyone no matter their physical or mental disability has great potential to be successful in their professional careers and make a lasting impact in the society. Our president drew his inspiration from his disabled relative to start ImpactTek.  Our president saw the potential of  his relative but saw there was no opportunities to harness this potential.

We are nonprofit that believes in the PPNP model: People, Planet, and Nonprofit. Meaning our company puts our people and the planet above company revenue.

ImpactTek offers  IT staffing,  computer recycling and repair services in the DC Metro Area.  Our purpose is to help the disadvantaged community by providing opportunities in the IT field. We also provide expertise in cloud computing, cybersecurity and networks/systems management. 

Our IT experts are certified in AWS, Azure, Cisco technology, Microsoft technology and cyber systems such as Splunk. We are here to help advance our community by propelling the next generation of IT workforce.

Board of Directors

Ahmed Adde is the president of the organization. Ahmed has a decade experience in IT and has the foresight and the vision to lead the organization. He is responsible for major decision of the organization including enacting the mission of the organization, putting together services that will be offered to community, and being the face of the organization. Ahmed will also seek funds and do fundraising for the organization.
Ahmed Adde
Omar Abdelrahem is the secretary of the organization. Omar is a disabled veteran and is board member of multiple non-profits and runs a successful government consulting firm. Omar will be responsible for the organization's legal and regulatory compliance. His day-to-day role involves maintaining the company registers, ensuring legal filings are made on time, keeping the minutes of the board, setting agendas and keeping up to date with regulatory changes.
Omar A.
Mohammad Abbas is the treasurer of the organization. Mohammad will be responsible for keeping the organization’s financial records, signs checks the business manager or accountant writes, approves purchases and invoices and otherwise oversees and keeps an eye on the organization’s finances. Mohammad will also prepare and deliver a treasurer’s report at each of the board’s official meetings and approves the organization’s annual tax filing.
Mohammed A.