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Who we are and Our Mission

ImpactTek is a non-profit IT workforce development and electronic recycling organization in Annandale VA.

Our mission: Empower underserved communities by providing information technology training and electronic recycling.

Services We offer

IT Workforce Development

Receive technical knowledge from 4 highly qualified IT experts with 75 years of combined IT experience. Our experts are certified in AWS, Azure, CISSP, CompTIA Security+, Cisco, Microsoft and more!

Electronic Recycling

To keep the world green, we do our part by recycling electronics. According to recent study, 80% of old electronics are not recycled and end up in landfills. We recycle computers, printers, servers, smartphones and more!

What People Are Saying

"Reliable great and fast service, very nice guys."
Khaled Jebbari
CEO of Pro Legal Services
"Simple, cost effective, eco-friendly tech waste recycling."
Charles Hamilton
IT Director Closing Community Network
"ImpactTek is a great organization that is reaching its goals by reaching people. ImpactTek has experienced instructors, keeps up with industry trends and advancements, is affordable and connects its students to employers. Thanks to ImpactTek I received my first IT job. I highly recommend ImpactTek to anyone looking to get into IT, that wants to prepare for a specific certification, or already working in the field and want to advance their career. Contact them at"
Quinton Rivers
Cybersecurity Student

Cybersecurity & Cloud Computing

Industry trends and insights for aspiring IT professionals.

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