CompTIA Security+ 601

The average cyber security professional earns more than $130K annually. Let us train you for a lucrative IT networking career.

Become Security+ Certified.

We created our cyber program to bridge the gap between demand and qualified candidates. We have developed a 6-week hands-on CompTIA Security+ practical training program to give our students the knowledge, skills and tools needed to be successful in the fast growing and high paying cyber field.

You will learn
• How to secure applications, network, and devices
• Utilize cyber security tools such as Keli Linux, Wireshark, and packet sniffing tools
• How to perform threat analysis and respond with appropriate mitigation techniques,
• Trojan’s backdoors and countermeasures

In addition to the topics above, we will also cover the Security+ 601 Exam Objectives. See our full curriculum on the link below:

Instructor-Led Live Virtual Class

Cyber Security Expert Samer Abuwarda will provide students with extensive opportunities for hands-on practical experience and career skills development. Training lasts 8 weeks with more than 40 hours of instructor-led training. 

Hands-On & Access to CompTIA Certmaster Learn

Instructor Samer will provide will guide students through the course in hands-on interactive approach. Each student will receive CompTIA guided labs and access to CompTIA Certmaster Learn the Certmaster Learn.

Students will receive 30 hands-on cyber security labs on:
• Scanning and Identifying Network Nodes
• Intercepting and Interpreting Network Traffic with Packet Sniffing Tools
• Analyzing the Results of a Credentialed Vulnerability Scan
• Installing, Using, and Blocking a Malware-based Backdoor
• Performing Network Reconnaissance and Vulnerability Scanning
• Auditing Passwords with a Password Cracking Utility
• Managing Access Controls in Windows Server
• Implementing PowerShell Security
• Managing Access Controls in Linux
• Assisted Lab: Configuring a Firewall

Subsidized Or FREE Course*

As a non-profit with the mission of making IT job opportunities accessible to everyone, ImpactTek hands-on courses are heavily subsidized up to 80% off and it’s FREE for qualified students. Call to find out how to get the courses for free.

Meet Your Instructor

Instructor Samer Abuwarda holds an MSc in Computer Security from UMUC a total of 10 years of IT experience in the roles of cyber security specialist and telecom engineer. Field Eng. Samer is certified in CompTIA Network+, CompTIA Security+ and CCNA.

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ImpactTek is CompTIA Authorized Partner and is certified by the State Council of Higher Education for Virginia or SCHEV.