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Hands-on Job Search Assistance

Job Placement Program Overview

ImpactTek has partnered with a subsidiary of Allegis Group, the largest recruiting agency in U.S., Opportunity At Work, Grow with Google and local companies to provide job seekers resume help, interview preparation and job placement. You will be assigned a recruiter/career coach to help you with finding your dream job! Below are the program overview & FAQs that will answer most of the questions you might have about ImpactTek Job Placement Program

Resume building: Our professional resume writer will develop a resume that reflects the students experience through internship and training and that will stand out to employers.

Job Search Assistance: You will get access to our recruiting agency network (Aerotek, TEKsystems, Actalent, Grow with Google Employers, & MORE) AND a recruiter will help you apply for these opportunities!

Interview Preparation: An IT expert in your field of study will provide mock interviews and interview coaching to prepare students for job opportunities.

Career Coaching: A recruiter will mentor you throughout the program. The recruiter will discuss the IT job market and valuable tips.


1. How soon are candidates connected to a Recruiter?

Candidates are provided a link to schedule a Discovery Call with our Recruitment Team as soon as the candidate either gets the certification or completes ImpactTek training course.

2. How long can candidates work with a Recruiter?

For as long as you would like!

3. What occurs during the initial Discovery Call?

During the initial discovery call, Recruiters talk through what the candidate is targeting. This includes salary range, hybrid/remote/in-office positions and the field they are looking to work in. This call helps the Recruiter identify current open positions that may fit what candidate is looking for.

4. Do Recruiters assist with anything besides job placement for the candidate?

Recruiters provide career pathing assistance, informing candidates of what the labor marketplace looks like for their chosen sector. They will tell candidates about the types of positions available (based on their level of experience), then will assist them with all aspects of their job search beyond that. This includes resume building/formatting, interview preparation, and salary negotiation.

5. Does the Recruiter provide feedback if a candidate interviews for a position but is not chosen?

Recruiters do strive to get that feedback for candidates, however, for full transparency sometimes Recruiters aren’t always able to get that. That said, they always do actively seek that feedback to deliver to candidates.

6. How closely does the Recruiter work with a candidate?
Recruiters are actively involved generally to the same degree that a candidate is actively engaging with them. After an initial discovery call to talk through what the candidate is targeting, the recruiter will seek opportunities to run by the candidate. Provided that the candidate is responsive to follow-up, the recruiter will then get them submitted to the necessary party and help to facilitate all aspects of the interview process for them.

7. How long does it take for a candidate to be placed?

This varies based on what the candidate is looking for, what the current labor market looks like for their chosen sector, their experience and more. The Recruiters personalize each experience with the candidate to advocate for placement based on these variables. They are able to assist with paid returnships, internships and apprenticeships if a candidate feels they need more

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