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Splunk Training Program

Splunk Training Program in Manassas, Virginia
Splunk is a powerful and revolutionary data analytics platform that enables businesses to analyze, monitor, and visualize large volumes of data. Splunk training provides users with the skills and knowledge needed to make the most out of this powerful platform. Splunk training is a comprehensive program that covers all aspects of Splunk, from installation and configuration to data analysis and reporting. The training covers both the basics and advanced topics, so users can make the most out of the platform. Splunk training can be done in-person, online, or via self-paced courses.

Splunk training also helps users understand the platform’s limitations and how to work within them. Splunk is not always the right solution for every problem, and the training helps users make the right decisions to get the most out of the platform.


What is Included in our IT Support Training?
In the IT support and CompTIA A+ training program, students will:

  • Splunk Fudamentals
  • Search Processing Language
  • Alerts, Reports, and Search Optimization
  • Connecting by Voice, Video and Screen
  • Dashboarding
  • Data Models and Pivots
  • Advanced Querying
  • Analytics and Machine Learning


Job Placement

Our IT Support Training includes job placement which consists of:

Resume Building: A career coach and our recruiting agency will develop a resume that reflects the hands-on training student received and that will stand out to employers.

Interview Preparation: Our career coach and recruiting agency will provide mock interviews and interview coaching to prepare students for job opportunities.

Job Support: After the recruiting agency successfully places you in the job, they will provide job support. They will help you do your job in the first few months.

In-Person & Virtual Training Schedule

We have combined the best of both worlds, our programs are both in-person and virtual at the same time. The instructor will be in-person and we will broadcast the class virtually so remote students can join.

Starts: September 11, 2023

Days/Time: Sat. 9 am-11 am, Tue.. 7:30 pm-10 pm

Training Preview


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Objectives and Labs

CompTIA Certmaster eLearning system 3-month Access

14 hands-on labs and activities include:

  • Assembly computer parts such as: motherboard, CPU, hard drive, RAM and power supply, etc.
  • Install and troubleshoot storage devices
  • Install and resolve monitor issues
  • Installing and configuring Small Office Home Office network(SOHO network)
  • Configuring IoT Devices
  • Installing and Configuring Laptop Hardware
  • Installing, Configuring and Troubleshooting Printers


Objectives and Labs

CompTIA Certmaster Learn with Labs 3-month access

14 hands-on labs and activities include:

  • Install, configure, troubleshoot Windows 10
  • Using Windows Troubleshooting Tools
  • Using Windows Features and Tools
  • Configuring Active Directory Accounts and Policies
  • Configuring Data Protection & Windows Backup
  • Using Windows PowerShell
  • & MORE
    12-month access

CompTIA Learning AND Lab System



Objectives and Labs

  • Key Concepts of Service Management
  • Four Dimensions of Service Management
  • Service Value System
  • Management Practices


Oct. 8 - Nov. 1: Sat. & Sun. 9AM-11AM


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